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hello, i'm j.c. hayward, thanks for being with us. the fiscal fight is topping our newscast. president barack obama just concluded a white house press conference. president warned that washington is running out of time to reach a deal on raising the debt ceiling.
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low makers need to reach -- lawmakers need to reach an agreement by august 2nd. the president said failure to do so can lead to problems across the board. >> we could end up with a situation for example where interest rates rise for everybody all throughout the country. effectively a tax increase on everybody. >> we're going to bring a bill forward next week. otherwise known as the cut, cap and balance bill to provide a balanced approach so that we can demonstrate that we are getting things under control. >> i always remain hopeful. >> house speaker john boehner says that he will introduce a budget bill that is a solid plan for moving the country ahead next week. well, the s&p rating agency is warning there's a 50% chance that it will downgrade the u.s. government's credit rating because of the stalemate over the debt limit. that warning followed a similar one from moody's investment service earlier this week.
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while most analysts expect some kind of debt deal, is uncertainty is weighing on stocks and markets around the world. there was some unwelcomed drama for expectant mothers in silver spring. they were evacuated from their delivery suites at holy cross hospital last night because of a fire. firefighters discovered flames on the outside of the building and the smoke was going in. and emergency plan went into effect and patients were moved to safe areas. no one was injured and the hospital remained open. investigators are looking for the source of that fire. montgomery county police are looking for the people behind an attack in gaithersburg. according to police, a 50-year- old victim was accosted by several suspects and then stabbed in the upper body. this happened around 6:30 at the flower hill shopping center. the victim is expected to
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survive. well, a couple of water main breaks kept crews very busy in southeast washington in morning. one of them closed the inbound lane of the parkway during rush hour. the breaks happened just before the stanton road and it and it's unclear when all the repairs will be complete. crews say repairs to another water main break on erie street southeast could take up to 12 hours. because of the water, the road is buckling between 17th and 18th streets. portions of area street are closed while the repair work is being done. an assistant principal had been formally indicted on child pornography charges. 29-year-old joshua myers of greenville elementary school faces two counts of distributing child pornography and one count of receiving
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child pornography. prosecutors say that the case against myers was brought as part of project safe childhood. a nationwide initiative to combat the growing epidemic of child sexual abuse. why did two planes strike each over last night at boston's logan airport? the passengers on both flights were shaken up. man well guy yay gus has more. >> reporter: the two planes were on intersecting taxiways waiting to take off. one was a delta 767 headed for amsterdam, the other a smaller jet, a delta regional carrier. it was bound for north carolina. the larger aircraft clipped the smaller one and the 767s pilot knew right away. >> reporter: passengers on both planes felt a jolt.
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>> we were third or fourth in line to leave raleigh and i was half asleep. the next thing you know, there's a bang. >> reporter: there was some damage to the 767s wing. but the tail of the regional jet was nearly sheared off and the disabled plane could no longer taxi back. >> reporter: passengers say most people stayed calm. >> there was no screaming, there was -- some cursing. >> some people were freaking out, but it was you know, everybody was pretty calm overall. >> when you say freaking out? >> the girl next to me was right by the wing crying and one guy was trying to jump out the emergency exit for a little bit. >> reporter: more than 300 passengers and crew were bused back to the terminal. one passenger complained of neck pain. the faa is investigating the cause. manuel gallegus, cbs news. the transportation security administration says that there have been more than 25,000
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security breaches under its watch over the last 10 years. one of the discoveries was at bwi marshall airport. tsa officers say they found 13 knives in the carry-on bag of a man flying to minnesota. 25-year-old baltimore resident is accused of carrying a concealed deadly weapon, interfering with security procedures, and having an unauthorized weapon in an airport. the man says he is a knife collector. he is being held on 10 tow dollars -- $10,000 bail. an eight year veteran of the dc police department has been charged with nine counts of sexual assault. prosecutors say 37-year-old larry seay, a third district police officer, assaulted three women while on duty and in uniform. on six occasions. seay, of southeast washington, is the 18th police officer to be arrested this year. spokesperson says the charges
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range from murder to receiving stolen property. a new report says the washington redskins are having problems selling thousands of season tickets. and that's part of the reason that it took nearly 10,000 seats out of fedex field. in their place will be party decks. the "washington post" reports that the redskins tried to sell the tickets to people on the waiting list, but no one wanted them. the prop behind an infamous hoax has changed hands. the silver ufo-like balloon that a colorado couple claims their son floated away in was sold on an online auction. it was bought by an aurora, colorado man for $2,500. a lawyer deducted $60 for fees and the remainder of the money will go japanese earthquake and tsunami victims. harry potter and going out with a bang. fans are jamming movie theaters
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to see the last installment of the film series featuring the wiz battling the forces of evil. surae chinn caught up with some fans this morning at the uptown theater. >> reporter: all the excitement is happening at theaters all across the country including here at the uptown theater in cleveland park. and for the majority of fans, "harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2" did not disappoint. >> unbelievable. unbelievable. >> it was amazing. >> i was really, really good. >> we saw the midnight and the 3:30 a.m. so we double featured it and it was unbelievable. >> reporter: for alley, the first book came out when she was just 4 years old. >> it was everying that you can possibly hope and dream for. >> reporter: coming in 3d wasn't even more spectacular? >> oh my gosh. it was -- it was amazing. because there's stuff flying at you at all times.
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>> reporter: but a few fans weren't caught up completely under harry potter's spell. >> the battle scenes were really good. >> beginning was a little slow, but it picked up once they got to the castle. it was as close to the book as it possibly could be. >> i never read the book. >> not only to the series but also to my childhood. i grew up with it. >> reporter: the books, eight films and 10 years later it's hard to say good-bye. >> i don't know, i wish i could start over again but you know it's over. we can't. >> reporter: in northwest dc, surae chinn, 9news now. >> harry potter movies are big business, deathly hallows part one made $21 million in the opening weekend. part two is expected to pass that number. back in 2009, "the half blood
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prince" made $77 million its opening weekend and in 2007, harry opter and the order of the phoenix -- harry potter and the "harry potter and the order of the phoenix" also opened up with $77 million. we'll have that story just ahead. plus, los angeles is bracing for a gridlock that could stretch for more than 60 miles. carmageddon is next.
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there was a new push to ensure that blacks living in the state of maryland have the same access to quality health care as others. it a always an honor to have our lieutenant governor anthony brown here with us. and today, he's going to talk about that problem and explain exactly how serious it is. the disparity in health care, welcome. >> good morning, it's great to be here, good afternoon. >> uh-huh. how serious is the problem? >> it's a serious problem. it's both a moral imperative that we cannot only provide health care to all, but see the same quality health indicators in every community. so for example, last year in maryland, the good news is we reduced infant mortality, but the troubling news is that it ticked up in the african- american community. not only a maryland priority
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that all infants and mothers have the same health outcomes but it also costs the states and other states. maryland is not alone in terms of deliver and care. in 2004 alone it cost nearly $600 million just the disparities in health care in our state's hospitals. so i think all of us have an interest in making sure we can deliver quality care to all so that we get the same health outcomes regardless of if you're african-american, caucasian, latino, asian, whatever may be the case. >> how exactly are you leveling the playing field in this area? >> what we want to do is first of all we formed the work group to look at what we can do to address this. in maryland, we have great quality hospitals, johns hopkins is the best in the world. we have the highest per capita primary care providers of any state and yet we have the disparities, provide financial incentives to primary care providers to provide services in lower performing communities
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and communities that are more vulnerable, community where is the health outcomes are not as favorable. if we can provide incentives for businesses to provide jobs to disdressed communities, we ought to be able to do to same to provide services in vulnerable communities. that's what we're looking at what we're going to do in maryland. >> that's very important that you reach out and you have partnerst helps you to eliminate the problem. i understand that maryland is leading the way in health i. t. progress. exactly what does that mean? >> you know, health information technology is basically using technology to make sure that doctors and providers have the right information about the right patient at the right time. so they can deliver quality care. because without that, often doctors have to order unnecessary tests. sometimes you have a result in medical errors because you don't have complete information on a patient at the time of treatment. so what we're doing is we're going to lead the country in making sure that all of the hospitals are connected with health i. t..
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making sure that doctors' offices elect electronic health records so they can put in the name of the patient and get as much information as is available on the patient. it costs money and we're providing incentives for physicians and nonphysician providers as well as hospitals the adopt this technology because in the long run, we do think that it's going to bend the cost curve because we're going to be able to eliminate a lot of disease and chronic diseases that right now are going not -- they're not managed as well without this health information technology. >> as always a pleasure to have you here. lieutenant governor, we will be watching the situation very closely with you and we know that in a year or two you're going to come back with very good news. >> report good results, that's right. >> thanks for being here with us. always a delight. lieutenant governor anthony brown. well, rupert murdoch's protege is the latest casualty and the phone hacking scandal. a news international ceo
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rebecca brooks resigned. one of the most prominent victims so far. tina caution has more. >> reporter: rupert murdoch's reef british executive -- chief british executive is calling it quits. the former "news of the world" editor was detracting attention as the media giant weathers the phone hacking scandal. british politics say it's time for -- politicians say it's time for him to apologize to the thousands of people hacked. >> i hope next tuesday he starts taking some responsibility for what happened in his organization. >> reporter: a parliamentary panel will grill rupert murdoch, his son james and rebecca brooks. brooks faced another committee back in 2003 and admitted giving bribes to cops to dig up stories. >> we have paid the police for information in the past. >> reporter: but now rupert murdoch can't seem to keep
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himself off the front page. murdoch will use the hearing to challenge what he calls total lies about his media empire. he told one of his own papers, the "wall street journal" that news corps bosses handled the crisis extremely well with just a few minor mistakes. brooks says she feels a deep sense of responsibility for the people who have been hurt. british investigators say hackers may have targeted as many as 4,000 people. many of them murder and terror victims. tina krouse, cbs news. the phone hacking scandal has now reached the united states. the fbi is investigating claims that journalists working for murdoch tried to hack the phones of 9/11 times. coming up next anny with the weekend forwaste. >> clouds and one, but what a wonderful day it's going to be.
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i'll let you know how long the delightful forecast is going to last and we have a coastal flood advisory in effect. i'll let you know what that means when 9news now return. we've got your weather after the break.
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a new word is becoming part of the everyday dialogue in los angeles. because residents are gearing up for carmageddon.
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route 405 known as the nation's busiest freeway is being shutdown this weekend. 500,000 cars travel the 10-mile stretch of the highway every day. warnings are being issued and some drivers say they're not going to fight their traffic. >> avoid the area. or just stay home. >> i'm going to be staying in my office, i'm sleeping here. >> i'll be staying here for four days. it's going to like a vacation. >> officials are warning that the widening of 405 could result in bakeapples of up to 64 -- backups of up to 64 miles. some entrepreneurs are poking fun at carmageddon and they're looking to make a little money. >> was just there last weekend, i saw my friends and they're really worried about what's going to happen. want the weather the. >> oh j. c., looking fantastic with clouds rolling in, but no rain around here and it looks like we're going to see some gorgeous conditions through today and tomorrow and you really want to enjoy it now.
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i'm warning you because we have a heat wear coming this with you -- wave coming this you. we warned you. the day cast for friday. a great way to finish off the workweek. temperatures warming up into the mid 80s by 3:00. 84 at 6:00 and then by 9:00. partly cloudy conditions and temperatures around 80-degrees. all right, we have a coastal flood advisory in effect. these areas shaded in green including the district and out towards the bay and this means that tides 1 to 1.5 feet above normal are expected and watch for some minor flooding. this advisory continues all day and has now been extended through 11:00 p.m. tonight. here's a look at the satellite and radar picture where yet we've seen clouds that have rolls in, but no precipitation and canadian high pressure is dominating the weather pattern. dry conditions as you can see on live doppler 9000 hd. some sun and clouds the rest of today. currently 78-degrees in downtown. 77 in winchester and 73 in moor tinsburg -- martinsburg and pax
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river in southern maryland. 78. humidity is still low, no complaints there. it will creep up slightly in the next couple of days but still be comfortable. it will be warm today. but still not how old and we like that. -- humid so we like that. give the ac a break and save some money on the power became. saturday is great again and sunday is a bit warmer. no green on here in the futurecast which means no showers, no rain this weekend. sunday a slight chance. but otherwise, it should be really nice. highs today mid 80s around downtown. 84 on winchester and 85 degrees in culpeper. lows tonight generally mid 60s around downtown. 62 in martinsburg and 64 degrees in tappahannock. the next three days, gorgeous today. you will love tomorrow also. mid 80s once again and then sunday a little warmer in the 90s. here's the seven day outlook. heating up by monday, 94 degrees.
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democrats and republicans worked together on one thing last night. they took the field at nationals park, part of the annual congressional baseball game. always fun with the comparisons between baseball and the battle over the budget were inevitable. >> the debt ceiling, we don't have a clue what the rules are. you know, there's no guarantee either side or the country will win. >> here they're playing ball. we got to be playing ball in the other venue. >> the democrats jumped to an
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early 6-0 lead. held on for the victory. final score was 8-2. thanks for being with us. have a great day. come back and visit us at 5:00 p.m. bye bye. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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